Banking & Financial

When it comes to financial matters, customer engagement matters more than ever.

From delivering excellent services at all stages of a loan to keeping pace with regulatory requirements, our technology-enabled solutions are tailored to meet the demands of your organization & your customers.

We Serve

Securities services

We support the processes involved in clearing and settlement, collateral management, core custody systems, fund and trust

Cards & Payments

Includes card management and payment processing services for credit, debit, private label and smart cards.

Retail & Wholesale Banking

Our solutions optimize core processes for consumer lending, commercial lending, financial messaging and transaction banking.

Consumer Lending

Solutions for financial institutions addressing business and technology challenges across the mortgage, auto and student loan.


Our consulting and solutions offerings help you run better and run differently. Our industry expertise and business solution capabilities are both deep and broad in financial services.


GLB ModelEye is designed as a complete end-to-end model risk management platform for all your model governance needs.

GLB SightPrism™

GLB SightPrism adopts advanced analytics, allowing banks to gather the critical customer intelligence needed to make data-driven decisions.

Our Thinking


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马来西亚中资企业总商会副会长倪庆久 2023年11月29日,马来西亚中资企业总商会(简称:总商会)受邀出席参加在吉隆坡国际贸易展览中心(MITEC)举办的2023长沙国际工程机械展览会东南亚分展...


Online Banking System Upgraded

We helped a leading European bank upgrade their online banking system. The upgraded system provided numerous benefits to customers, including the ability to pay bills online.

Other upgrades included a revamped Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment Service (EBPP) and Safekeeping, Portfolio Management, Payments and Security Trading functions.