Step by Step About Malaysia

The Phone Numbers You Might Need in Malaysia

Malaysia is a generally a safe and peaceful country, however, being in a foreign country we might encounter various emergencies due to their certain circumstances: flight delays, invalid visas and repatriation, loss of wallet documents, and physical illness. Therefore, keep these phone numbers, as it might help us in those critical moments! If you have [...]

All About Malaysia Visa

All About Malaysia Visa It is relatively easy to apply for a tourist visa to Malaysia. For those in China, you can apply through travel agencies or Taobao agents. The visa application time depends on different types of visas which are from 1 to 5 days and the cost ranges from 100 to 200. The [...]

Get to Know Malaysia in 3 Minutes

When it comes to Malaysia, what do you think of? Musang King Durian? A three days trip to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand? Kuala Lumpur Petronas Twin Towers? Tiger Cub Economies? Sun, beach, coconut grove, pretty girls...? The above answers are all correct, but incomplete! To learn more about Malaysia, spend three minutes to read the [...]