All About Malaysia Visa

All About Malaysia Visa

It is relatively easy to apply for a tourist visa to Malaysia. For those in China, you can apply through travel agencies or Taobao agents. The visa application time depends on different types of visas which are from 1 to 5 days and the cost ranges from 100 to 200.
The requirements and procedures for applying for work visas, student visas, and family visas are relatively complicated. Relevant companies or schools in Malaysia, must first apply to the Immigration Bureau and then provide the required materials according to the other party’s requirements.

Target recipients: Issued to foreign citizens who come to Malaysia for tourism, business investigation, and visiting relatives and friends.

Maximum days per stay: 30 days

Validity: 3 months

Processing time: 3-5 working days

Visa fee (unit: RMB): about 220 yuan

Processing method: need to be processed through travel agencies or related agencies

Required materials:
– Original passport: valid for more than 9 months, with at least 4 blank pages;
– White background photos: Two copy of 3.5cm*4.5cm white background photos without hat

Note: Ordinary visas are one-time visas and generally cannot be extended. Except for health reasons and flight problems that cannot return home in time, you can apply for visa extension from the Malaysian Immigration Bureau with a letter issued by relevant hospitals and airlines.

There are two types of e-Visa in Malaysia:

e-Visa types Application method Maximum days per stay Processing time Restrictions of entry Fee (RMB) Remark
eVISA Apply online, submit the electronic application materials together with original passport for labelling at visa centre after the payment is completed. 30 days 1-3 working days No entry restrictions 200 yuan Materials will be strictly reviewed and may need to resubmit any materials multiple times.
eNTRI Apply online, submit the electronic application materials, pay the relevant fees online and print out the entry paper (visa-free registration information form) to enter/visit the country. 15 days Entry is only possible through 6 prescribed ports (see below 160 yuan Easy to apply as compared to eVisa, usually within 24 hours with success rate of almost 100%.

a) Special remarks about eNTRI:

eNTRI is only applicable to Chinese citizens, it is a single time use e-visa. A copy of printed return ticket is also required. It has clear requirements for applicants, ports of entry, and materials provided upon entry:

1) Applicants: Only those who come to Malaysia for sightseeing. Chinese citizens must depart from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau to Malaysia and return to Mainland China.
(2) Entry and exit ports (please confirm with travel agency before departure): Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA & KLIA 2), Penang International Airport, Langkawi International Airport, Sarawak Kuching International Airport, Sabah Kota Kinabalu International airport.
(3) Following documents/certificates might be needed to provide to immigration officers when arrived at the point of entry/exit:
① Passport valid for more than 6 months;
② ENTRI printout;
③ Round-trip air ticket;
④ Sufficient cash (US$500 or cash above MYR 2000);
⑤ Savings card/credit card with UnionPay logo;
⑥ Proof of accommodation/hotel reservation in Malaysia;
Complete schedule, etc

For more information, please visit here.

b) Application steps of eNTRI:

(i) Enter the link below to visit the website and click on the new user application:

(ii)Register an account, an account can only apply for eNTRI (Visa-Free Registration) for one person. Fill in the required content below one by one, don’t fill in wrong.

(iii)Then log in with the account you just registered. After logging in, you will be taken to such a page. Choose which visa you want to apply for, as shown in the figure below:
Click on the blue word “Join eNTRI Program” on the right.

(iv)After entering the page, click “Apply Now” in the upper right corner.

(v)The complete eNTRI application page is as follows. Upload the corresponding photos and files one by one. The personal photo is required to be a two-inch colour photo with a white background. It is mandatory to upload flight ticket. However, the hotel booking form is not mandatory.
All content must be checked accurately.

The recruitment company must be a registered company under the Malaysian Foreign Employee Service (ESD), and must provide a valid employment contract that meets the conditions and relevant wage requirements. The Malaysian company must first apply to the Immigration Bureau. After approval, the Malaysian Immigration Bureau will notify the Malaysian embassy in China where the applicant is located to issue a visa. After the relevant personnel come to Malaysia, they can go to the Malaysian Immigration Bureau to apply for a corresponding long-term visa.

For purpose of education and study. Applicants must be admitted by a school recognized by the Malaysian government. The Malaysian school must first apply to the Immigration Bureau. After approval, the Malaysian Immigration Bureau will notify the Malaysian embassy in China where the applicant is located to issue a visa. After the relevant personnel come to Malaysia, they will then go to the Malaysian Immigration Bureau to apply for a corresponding long-term visa.

Generally, the family member who work, study or live in Malaysia apply to the Malaysian Immigration Bureau in advance for his/her family member. There are many documents required to apply for this type of visa, such as proof of relatives, proof of work, study and income in Malaysia.

Transit visa: For those who have a third-country visa and connecting air ticket can apply for a transit visa at Kuala Lumpur International Airport and Kuala Lumpur International Airport (2.) Applicants must pass through the same airport for entry and exit and the destination cannot be the origin country before they fly into Malaysia. The transit visa is valid for one time with the stay period not exceeding 5 days.

The visa on arrival application must meet the following conditions:
(1) Qualified Chinese citizens who must arrive from Thailand, Singapore or Indonesia and hold valid visas for the above three countries.
(2) You must enter Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA and KLIA2), Penang International Airport, Johor Bahru Senai International Airport, Sarawak Kuching International Airport, Sabah Kota Kinabalu International Airport.
(3) Must have a return ticket and at least USD 1,000 in cash.
(4) The issuance of visa on arrival requires a charge of MYR 400 (US$100).
(5) Valid for 7 days and cannot be extended.
Holders of Chinese diplomatic and service passports can enter Malaysia visa-free for 30 days. Holders of ordinary Chinese official passports can also stay in Malaysia without a visa for 30 days, limited to Kuala Lumpur KLIA/KLIA2 Airport, Penang International Airport, Langkawi International Airport, Sabah Kota Kinabalu International Airport, Sarawak Kuching International Airport, Sarawak Lao Yue Miri International Airport and other ports enter the country. Other small and medium airports do not have the right to apply for visa-free entry and must be confirmed before departure.

Malaysia immigration regulations

  • Foreign travelers entering Malaysia must present their passports or other types of legal identification documents valid for more than 6 months, valid visas and printed return air tickets to immigration officials. If a Chinese citizen has renewed his/her passport, the Malaysian visa in the old passport will become invalid and it is a must to reapply the Malaysian visa with the new passport.
  • Passports are required when travel from West Malaysia to East Malaysia. The states of Sarawak and Sabah in East Malaysia have immigration autonomy. When travelling from other parts of Malaysia to Sarawak or Sabah, you must go through the entry and exit procedures again. Please check the stay period approved by the immigration officer again to avoid overdue stay exit.
  • Immigration officer will check if the amount of cash carried by passengers is sufficient to cover the expenses during their stay in Malaysia. The basic amount is 2,000 ringgit (approximately US$500). The airport has strict immigration control for Chinese tourists, especially women under 30. If the parties come to Malaysia frequently in the short term, they may be refused entry. According to the current practice, the Malaysia Immigration Bureau still has the right to refuse entry and implement deportation even if the person coming to Malaysia holds a legal visa, but for reasonable reasons, such as foreigners who have a criminal record, or when the purpose of coming to Malaysia does not match the type of visa, have not booked a return flight ticket, cannot prove financial ability, or carry insufficient cash, etc. ,.
  • In the event when entry is denied, it is recommended to communicate patiently with Malaysian immigration officials to explain your situation truthfully, provide supporting materials as much as possible, avoid verbal or violent resistance, and strive for the other party’s release. Under the vigorous coordination of the Chinese Embassy, ​​the Malaysian Tourism Administration and other institutions have organized volunteers to set up “Chinese Passenger Communication and Coordination Offices” at the two international airports in Kuala Lumpur, which can assist Chinese tourists in need to communicate directly with immigration officials (current working hours are 18:00 -00: 00). If the communication fails, the immigration officer will invite the passenger to the airport immigration office for further investigation. If the investigation still fails, the passenger will be sent to a restricted area for repatriation. In order to avoid improper treatment and property damage due to objective reasons, we remind you to make the following preparations:

a. If you do not have enough cash, please go to the ATM near the airport to withdraw it or ask the accompanying staff for assistance.

b. If you do not have a physical ticket, please contact the airline, the airport service counter or the “China Passenger Coordination Office” to assist in printing the return ticket.

c. If the type of visa application does not match the purpose of coming to Malaysia, it is recommended to purchase a return ticket for the nearest flight and return home immediately to avoid being sent to the restricted area to wait for repatriation.

  • According to Malaysian customs regulations, the duty-free commodities that can be brought into the country are: 200 grams of cigarettes (225 grams of shredded tobacco), about 950 milliliters of alcohol, and cosmetics, local specialties, film (limited to 5 rolls) or movie film (limited to RM 200). 2 volumes). Tourists who bring carpets, clothing, jewellery, chocolates, handbags, and more than the prescribed amount of hard liquor, alcoholic beverages, cigarettes and tobacco are required to pay customs duties when entering the country, but they can also be temporarily stored at the customs when entering the country and leaving the country Take away. For specific regulations, please check the official website of the Royal Malaysian Customs Service
  • Passport valid for more than one month; ②ENTRI printed copy; ③round-trip air ticket; ④Sufficient cash (500 USD or more than 2,000 MYR cash); ⑤Deposit card/credit card with UnionPay logo; ⑥Proof of accommodation in Malaysia/ Hotel reservation form; ⑦complete itinerary, etc.

Source: China Consulate Service Net