Bilateral Economic Talks: CECCM and CASS Strengthen Sino-Malaysian Ties

Bilateral Economic Talks: CECCM and CASS Strengthen Sino-Malaysian Ties

On May 9, 2024, the China Enterprises Chamber of Commerce in Malaysia (CECCM) held a dialogue with a delegation from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), headed by Vice President Wang Changlin. The meeting, attended by CECCM Vice President Deng Mingsong and member representatives, concentrated on exploring Sino-Malaysian economic cooperation and investment opportunities. Discussions focused on enhancing trade relationships and regional economic collaboration, including the strategic relocation of industries to promote economic growth.

Vice President Deng highlighted the historical economic ties between China and Malaysia, emphasizing their role in the Belt and Road Initiative and the mutual benefits of industrial relocation. He expressed a commitment to deepening exchanges to solidify government and business links.

Vice President Wang from CASS praised Malaysia’s favorable investment environment and noted CASS’s commitment to supporting national policy and development strategies through research. The discussion emphasized strengthening bilateral economic ties and optimizing industrial chains, particularly targeting sectors like data centers and photovoltaics.

The discussions highlighted Malaysia’s strategic advantages, such as its geographic location and robust tax incentives, along with low labor costs, which make it an attractive destination for foreign investment.

Both parties agreed to continue their collaboration to promote economic prosperity and technological advancement in both countries.