Speech by Former President Zhang Min at 2023 Annual Meeting

Speech by Former President Zhang Min at 2023 Annual Meeting

At the 2023 Annual Meeting of the China Enterprises Chamber of Commerce (Referral to CECCM) Honorary President Zhang Min expressed his gratitude for the unwavering support and assistance given to both CECCM and himself , following his tenure as President. He congratulated the newly elected board committee  and expressed his deep appreciation for the hard work and contributions of the previous board committee . His speech focused on several key areas:

Gratitude and Growth

Honorary President Zhang Min reflected on the journey since 2019, expressing his deep gratitude to various parties, including the China Embassy in Malaysia, the Malaysian government, friendly business associations, CECCM members, and media friends for their support and help. He highlighted the significant growth in the CECCM’s membership over the past four years, from 114 to 316 companies, demonstrating the CECCM’s increasing strength and influence. He looked forward to the contributions of the new Board committee  to the CECCM’s further development and stated that although he is stepping down as President, he will continue to contribute to the Board.

Expansion and Cooperation

In terms of expansion, he reviewed the CECCM’s efforts to strengthen internal operations and external communication and cooperation. This includes enhancing close cooperation with the Chinese Embassy, facilitating China-Malaysia trade connectivity, and maintaining close exchanges with the Malaysian government and local associations. He emphasized that these efforts are crucial for the development of China enterprises in Malaysia.

Challenges Faced

He also shared the challenges faced during his tenure, especially the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. He mentioned how CECCM helped members overcome difficulties during the pandemic, including coordinating medical supplies and proposing suggestions for economic recovery plans to relevant government departments. President Zhang candidly shared the trials brought by the COVID-19 pandemic and the Council’s response measures. The CECCM, with the collective effort of all members, withstood the test of the pandemic, fostering closer cooperation and mutual assistance.

Mutual Prosperity Vision

In his conclusion, President Zhang proposed a mutual Prosperity Vision, emphasizing the Council’s efforts in promoting China-Malaysia economic and trade cooperation, participating in public welfare, and enhancing member service experience. He expressed an optimistic outlook for the mutual development of Chinese enterprises and the Malaysian community.

Future Outlook

In his closing remarks, President Zhang expressed support for the new President and gratitude for the hard work of all members. He hoped that with the joint efforts of all parties, CECCM would achieve even better development.

President Zhang Min was appointed as Honorary President, with the new President Ni Qingjiu presenting the appointment certificate, witnessed by Ambassador Ouyang Yujing, Deputy Minister YB Liew Chin Tong, and Counselor Sun Shuqiang.