It has been 17 years since the establishment of Chamber of Commerce (thereafter referred as China Enterprises Chamber of Commerce, CECCM). Under the wise guidance of the leaders from Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Malaysia, CECCM has grown rapidly in line with the economic development of China and Malaysia. Many new tasks have been continuously done by CECCM to protect the rights and interests of its members as well as to benefits the general public in compliance with laws and regulations. It has certainly become an important platform to hold more communication and economic exchange activities of China-Malaysia.

During my term as the President, I sincerely hope to gain support and cooperation from my fellow members to build a constructive organization, offer better services and be of assistance to the Embassy which includes actively taking up social responsibilities and enhancing better soft skills.

In order to uphold the image of CECCM as a representative of Chinese enterprises in Malaysia, it is necessary for us to have good team building to strengthen our bond and knowledges through various forms of activities such as seminar, event and etc. Besides that, we need to actively maintain good rapport with Malaysian government departments, chambers of commerce, and other associations to establish communication channels. I believe this would be beneficial for members who are ready to exert its businesses. In such case, CECCM could provide accurate investment information to guide its member to explore good business opportunities in Malaysia.

CECCM has always maintained a good relationship with the other local business associations such as The Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia (ACCCIM), The Federation of Chinese Association Malaysia, Malaysia-China Chamber of Commerce (MCCC) and etc. I look forward to continue establishing good relationship with these associations. With their sound organizational strength, CECCM can jointly organize various activities to improve interactions between Malaysian and Chinese enterprises to discover more business opportunities. With the advantage of a vibrant multicultural society in Malaysia, I hope that CECCM can actively engage with not just the Chinese but also the Malay and Indian chambers of commerce and integrate into the local mainstream society.

With regards with this year’s activities, CECCM will actively participate in several important activities organized by the Embassy. In addition to that, various educational seminars, health and sports activities, as well as exchanges will be held from time to time.

I am honored to take on the responsibility as President and I will go all out and work closely with all of you selflessly. I believe that under the strong leadership of the embassy and the active participation and support from everyone, CECCM will become better and the business of all of our member will be more prosperous in the days to come.

Thank you.

Zhang Min
China Enterprises Chamber of Commerce in Malaysia.








马来西亚中资企业总商会会长 张敏